AC-3 realtime encoding for your (old) amp under Ubuntu? No problemo – these days.

Task: connect the PC to the amp, efficiently. AC-3 via optical cabel came in my mind – no noise.

Solution: the a52 library! Specialised hardware like Soundstorm is not necessary. Good, good…

So we install the asound plugin including a52 and pavucontrol for better access of the settings.

sudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins-extra pavucontrol

The right source has to be set in pavucontrol (e.g. Built-in Audio Digital Stereo with port Digital Output (S/PDIF) ) and the checkbox AC3 to be activated.
BAM! Stereo Dolby Digital on your amp. I didn’t test surround upmixing, but it’s mostly not suitable.

[see:  Digital AC-3 surround sound with pulseaudio (aka Surround Sound Awesomeness)]

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