The Swiss army v-Server.
On blog, two blogs, more blocks.

Is it a phenomenon in Germany only? Or does everybody suddenly forgot the ability of good computer graphics? Never mind, here is a short description how set up a Minecraft server on a dedicated or vServer. Beside a blog and with a second blog in progress. Blocks?

Set up a Minecraft server on Ubuntu 10.04

Three points: how does it run, how does it run stable and how to keep the control. How do run is quite simple, as it’s a stupid java-app:

root@host:~#java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

However, there is no chance to close the ssh connection to your server now, because the server board needs an output. This means, [Ctrl+Z] brings the app to background, but it stops immediately.
Hm, then we use screen, which starts up a bash session for each process. This session can be detached, sent to background and reattached later on. The only problem is, that the session belongs to the user, who started it. The enhanced solution is to use an init.d script, which starts a screen session on an extra user and can be controlled be other users via root.

A good init script and description how to install can be found in the MC-Wiki. I made a modified version and extented the functions start, stop, update, backup, status and restart by saveall and makeop. It is clickable in the attachment:Minecraft init script.

Beside the steps mentioned in the MC-Wiki, you should create an extra user, e.g. minecraft:games, with a /bin/sh shell. And of course copy minecraft_server.jar at a useful place, e.g. /usr/local/games.

Installed everything correctly you can fire up the MC server

root@host:~#/etc/init.d/minecraft start

Furthermore, the server is now controllable by this script, for instance

root@host:~#/etc/init.d/minecraft makeop insertscaryuser

This adds an OP to the server, who can control it from now on with say [T] and  /server command.

And… watch out, minecraft may rise your server load. 😉


PS: This is my first real article in English – feel free to comment. 🙂

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